Movie Monday

movie monday5 at movie with popcornHubby wanted to see Star Wars The Last Jedi again.   Only 4 other people in theater.  I love when the movies aren’t crowded.

star wars the last jediI finished The Dark.  I like it.  Hoping they have another season.

DarkStarted watching The Magicians.  I like it so far.  Only watched a few episodes.

Here are some of the movies I watched this week:

motel-hellsilent housepharoahs curse 1957paul contagion bright wrecker snakehead swamp skyline shadows of the deadHubby’s pick was Wheelman.

wheelmanthe maze runner maze runner scorch trials taken 3Netflix DVD of the week was The Hitman’s Bodyguard.  Really funny!

the hitmans bodyguardTTYL



Movie Monday

movie monday5Morning Everyone!

Finally got to the movies to see new Star Wars. Ate a ton of popcorn.  Yum! 😉

star wars the last jediNetflix DVD movie was A Haunting in Cawdor.  Wasn’t very good.

a haunting in cawdorFinished Season 2 of Glitch.  I hope there is a Season 3.  Loved it!

glitchI was gonna finish Dark but Netflix had other plans. It didn’t save the episode I left off on.  I was kinda confused about the characters so I just started it over.  Maybe the 2nd time around I will figure who everyone is in a different year.


Watched Now You See me for the 100th time.  Ok not a 100 but a lot.  Love it!

now you see megotta run batsignalTTYL


have a nice day