Rabbit Day Saturday

Rabbit Day SaturdayMorning Peeps!

A little change up today.  I’ve gotten some requests for some other animal theme days so today is Rabbit Day Saturday. 😉

Does your family do anything bizarre or is it just mine?  Meet Grape Bunny.  Yep he’s at NASA.  lol

Grape at NASA

My hubby gave him to our son on his 1st Easter.  He went everywhere with us when our son was small (he’s 19 now). Now you never know where he will turn up: fridge, drawer, lunch bag…you get the idea.  He even still goes on vacations with us and yes I take pics of him.  Just something silly we do.  lol  So in his honor it’s Rabbit Day Saturday.

Hope these make you smile. 🙂

doorbell fridge opening doing it behind my back need toilet paper no time to explain just get on the swanCaturday Saturday will return next week.