Movie Monday

movie monday3recliner and remoteMorning Everybody!

I am writing this Sunday night so I have no idea how the Super Bowl turns out.

My Netflix DVD of the week was The Snowman.  I had read the book many years ago but don’t remember much about it except that I liked it.  I didn’t care for the movie.  It seemed like it was missing something.  Not sure what.

the snowmanA few other movies I watched:

the november man the martian the forgotten darkness rising season of the witch gravityPS  I thought Gravity was really boring.

I had a ton of shows that I caught up on:

riverdalesupernaturalUnrelated but important news:  Taco Bell’s new Nacho Fries are yummy.

taco bell nacho fries
Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries are seasoned and served with a side of warm nacho cheese.



nice day rainbow

Movie Monday

movie monday5 at movie with popcornHubby wanted to see Star Wars The Last Jedi again.   Only 4 other people in theater.  I love when the movies aren’t crowded.

star wars the last jediI finished The Dark.  I like it.  Hoping they have another season.

DarkStarted watching The Magicians.  I like it so far.  Only watched a few episodes.

Here are some of the movies I watched this week:

motel-hellsilent housepharoahs curse 1957paul contagion bright wrecker snakehead swamp skyline shadows of the deadHubby’s pick was Wheelman.

wheelmanthe maze runner maze runner scorch trials taken 3Netflix DVD of the week was The Hitman’s Bodyguard.  Really funny!

the hitmans bodyguardTTYL



Movie Monday

movie monday1recliner and remoteMorning Everyone!

How are you doing?

I didn’t watch too many movies this week.  I’ll try to do better next week.  lol

This week’s Netflix DVD was one of my Hubby’s choices.  It was ok.  He liked it.  😉

DriveA few other movies I watched:

before i wake

I wouldn’t recommend The Open House.  The ending was very unfulfilling.  Thumbs down on this one.  🙁the open housesquirm skyfall empire of the antsTTYL


nice day

Movie Monday

movie monday5Morning Everyone!

Finally got to the movies to see new Star Wars. Ate a ton of popcorn.  Yum! 😉

star wars the last jediNetflix DVD movie was A Haunting in Cawdor.  Wasn’t very good.

a haunting in cawdorFinished Season 2 of Glitch.  I hope there is a Season 3.  Loved it!

glitchI was gonna finish Dark but Netflix had other plans. It didn’t save the episode I left off on.  I was kinda confused about the characters so I just started it over.  Maybe the 2nd time around I will figure who everyone is in a different year.


Watched Now You See me for the 100th time.  Ok not a 100 but a lot.  Love it!

now you see megotta run batsignalTTYL


have a nice day



Movie Monday

movie monday3recliner and remoteMorning Everyone!

Did any of you get hit with Winter Storm Benji?  We got a few inches of snow over the weekend.  It didn’t lay on the roads or sidewalks so minimal shoveling for which my menfolk were glad.

My Netflix DVD of the week was The Beguiled.  Not my typical movie.  I thought it was going to be a thriller.  I was wrong.  Not only wasn’t it a thriller it was sooooo boring.  One of those movies that you keep waiting for stuff to happen but it never does.

the beguiledCan’t remember if I mentioned that we finished watching The Punisher.  It was so good.  Frank is a bad ass. 😉

the punisherFinished Season 3 of Zoo.  It was so good.  Ended with a cool cliffhanger.  I looked it up to find out when the next season was and it had been cancelled.  Huge bummer!  I really enjoyed it.

zooSeason 3 of Broadchurch is on Netflix.  Since I wasn’t sure if was connected to previous seasons I decided to watch season 1 from beginning.  I watched a few then decided I might start with Season 2 next time I am binge watching.

broadchurchI’m all caught up on Riverdale.  I think I am one episode behind in Gotham.  I’m caught up on Superntural too.  What are you watching?




Movie Monday

movie monday1recliner and remoteMorning Everyone.

Hope you had a great weekend.

I have a huge mound of fabric that has been needing to be ripped into strips. So guess what I’ve been working on?  Only 1/2 way done but at least it’s getting done. 😉

While I’ve been ripping strips I watched my Netflix DVD of the week:

bye bye manSeason 3 of Zoo is on Netflix.  I am watching 1 + 2 again since I can’t remember what happened.  Just starting Season 2.  It is a really good show.


Watched Season 1 of Stranger Things again since hubby hadn’t watched it.  Finished Stranger Things 2.  Wow!  It is an excellent show.  All the kids in it are great actors.  Anybody watch it?

stranger things 2Somehow we missed Gotham this week.  I think we were watching Stranger Things 2.  lol  All caught up now.


Got behind on Riverdale too.  We were behind about 4 episodes.  Caught up on that now too. 🙂

riverdaleGotta get started ripping more fabric strips.




Movie Monday

movie monday1recliner and remoteMorning Peeps!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Some of you already know that I have been sick with what I thought was a sinus infection.  2 Dr visits + 2 bouts of antibiotics.  I was still sick.  Did some research on my symptoms.  Decided to try a dentist.  Needed a root canal + another round of antibiotics.  I am hoping that was the issue.  I’m on day 3 of being off the meds.  Still feeling ok so far.  Fingers crossed that was the issue.

I did manage to make something new.  A Multi Color Hippie Valance, can also be used as a banner.  Whatcha think?

Multi Color Hippie ValanceMulti Color Hippie Valance

My hubby knows me so well.  He got me a Slasher Christmas Tee.  Isn’t it awesome?

my new slasher Christmas tee

My Netflix DVD of the week was Secrets in Their Eyes.  It was ok.  Figured it out before then end but it was ok.

secrets in their eyes 2015Watched the 1st Scream.  Haven’t seen it in a very long time.  Forgot how good it was.

scream 1996Season 2 Slasher 2: Guilty Party is on Netflix.  Watched about 1/2 the season so far.  It’s really holding my attention.  Not too many people left so I can’t wait to see who the killer is.slasher 2 guilty partyAlso watched Deadly Mantis.  Haven’t seen it in a long time.

the deadly mantisTTYL


great day

Movie Monday

movie monday5recliner and remoteMorning Peeps!

Are you all ready for Halloween?  I’ve been busy working on custom orders and watching horror movies.  Here’s what I’ve watched this week so far:

abraham lincoln vampire hunterfreddy vs jason

Halloween 4 The Return of Michael MyersHalloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myershalloween 6 the curse of michael myersHalloween 1978halloween h2o 20 years laterhouse on haunted hill 1999house of the dead 2003it came from beneath the seajeepers creepers 3nnight of the living dead 1990psychosilent hillthe howlingthe spell 1977wes cravens new nightmareWhat Lies BeneathTTYL



Movie Monday

movie monday3recliner and remoteMorning Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Forgot to mail back my Netflix Dvd from last week so we got a movie from Redbox.  Do you guys have that or is it a regional thing?  For those that don’t know, it’s a red vending machine that you can borrow DVDs.   We got Spiderman Homecoming.  Is it just me or does the kid who plays Spidey looks like a young Bobby Flay (Food Network)?

bobby flay
bobby flay
tom holland
tom holland

spider-man-homecomingNot too many good movies on TV this week.  Here are the Horror Movies I watched while working:

amityville-horror-1979graveyard-shiftthe hollow 2015 graveyard shift

the deep
More of a Thriller movie 😉

single white female silent house dead zone freddy's dead final nightmare resident evil afterlife army of darkness


30 days of night