Movie Monday

movie monday5recliner and remoteMorning Peeps!

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  We went to MIL’s house.  It was yummy.

Hubby loves The Pirates of Caribbean movies.  Me not so much.  He has been wanting to see the new one, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No tales so we got it from Redbox.  He was disappointed, actually he dozed off.  LOL  I thought it was a normal Pirates movie, it was ok.

pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales

With Thanksgiving and some doctor appointments I didn’t get to watch as much Netflix as usual.  We did watch a few more episodes of The Punisher.

the punisherAnd I watched The Void + Amnesiac on Netflix.  The Void wasn’t any good but Amnesiac was good.

amnesiacthe voidTTYL




Movie Monday

movie monday1recliner and remoteMorning Peeps!

How are you doing today?

This weeks Netflix DVD was Gods of Egypt.  I liked it.  It was over 2 hours but since I was ironing a new curtain I didn’t notice how long it was.  I heard it got bad reviews.  I’m not sure why.  Anybody see it?  Did you like it?

gods of egyptSupernatural’s new season started a few weeks ago.  I missed it.  🙁

I am all caught up on it now.  I love binge watching.  I will miss Crowley but on Supernatural nothing ever stays dead so maybe he will be back.


Watched some more of Season 2 Zoo.  I’m glad I decided to rewatch Season 1 + 2 before watching Season 3.  I forgot about so much stuff that had happened.

zooThe Punisher started on Friday on Netflix.  Only saw a few episodes so far but I Love it!!!

the punisherWhile I was watching all this great stuff I made a new curtain.  Whatcha think?

Black, Gray + White Hippie CurtainsGotta run!



nice day rainbow


Movie Monday

movie monday1recliner and remoteMorning Everyone.

Hope you had a great weekend.

I have a huge mound of fabric that has been needing to be ripped into strips. So guess what I’ve been working on?  Only 1/2 way done but at least it’s getting done. 😉

While I’ve been ripping strips I watched my Netflix DVD of the week:

bye bye manSeason 3 of Zoo is on Netflix.  I am watching 1 + 2 again since I can’t remember what happened.  Just starting Season 2.  It is a really good show.


Watched Season 1 of Stranger Things again since hubby hadn’t watched it.  Finished Stranger Things 2.  Wow!  It is an excellent show.  All the kids in it are great actors.  Anybody watch it?

stranger things 2Somehow we missed Gotham this week.  I think we were watching Stranger Things 2.  lol  All caught up now.


Got behind on Riverdale too.  We were behind about 4 episodes.  Caught up on that now too. 🙂

riverdaleGotta get started ripping more fabric strips.