Movie Monday

movie monday3recliner and remoteMorning Peeps!

We had gorgeous weather this weekend.  Opened the windows and got some fresh air in the house.

Bravo played a few episodes of The Sinner.  It has peaked my interest.

the sinnerWatched the original It.  Haven’t seen it in a while.  I’m not sure when the new one will be out.  It might already be out.  lol  I doubt I would watch it at the movies but I will watch it on Netflix.  Anyone excited for the new It?

ITMy Netflix DVD this week was Life.  It was ok.  Weren’t any surprises.  Even the ending was predictable.  Did you see it?  Like it?

lifegotta goTTYL


have nice monday

Movie Monday

movie monday1recliner with remoteHi Peeps!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Are any of you going to watch the eclipse?  We aren’t.  Hubby works overnight that night so he will be sleeping.  I figured there will be tons of videos on it we can watch later.


I am super duper busy working on a large custom order.  While I am working I am binge watching Arrow right now.  Still in Season 2 so I’ve got a lot more to go.

shin godzilla

My Netflix DVD for this week was Shin Godzilla.  Had subtitles.  Typical Godzilla movie.  Godzilla had some funky eyes which I thought made him look very strange.  I grew up watching Godzilla.  He was always a fave of mine.  Don’t his eyes look odd?

shin godzilla2

Gotta get back to my orders.



great week happy monday

Movie Monday

movie monday1recliner and remoteMorning Peeps!

I spent most of my weekend working on a custom order and making more fabric strips…so you know what that means…I watched a bunch of Netflix movies.

green inferno

I watched The Green Inferno.  It is a cannibal story but it was really good.  Funny story about the DVD (The Green Inferno) I got from Netflix.  The DVD queue is 99.99% movies for me.  Every once in a while hubby sneaks one on there.  I follow a bunch of horror pages on FB so sometimes I hear about a movie that I had never heard of. I assumed Green Inferno was one of those.  Hubby isn’t as big of a horror fan as I am.  I got it in the mail, watched it and sealed it back up in Netflix envelope.  When I saw hubby I started telling him about this good cannibal movie I watched.  Well he knew exactly the movie I was talking about.  Turns out he put it on the DVD list.  LOL  Now he has to wait until they get it back so I can put it on my list again so he can watch it.  LOL

the devils candy logan zoombies get out

have a great mondayTTYL



Friday Finds

psstMorning Peeps!

Just wanted to pop in and tell you about a super cool item I just got in the mail.

First let me say that I’m not affiliated with any of the products and I’m not being compensated.

I drink 2 smoothies everyday.  My fave smoothie drink vessel….a quart Ball wide mouth jar.  Cmon I know a ton of you use them as glasses too.  I use straw lids that I got from Walmart.  Only thing I don’t like is that my hand gets wet and cold from holding the jar.

Camelbak Bottle and Cover
My beloved Camelbak Eddy bottle with cozy.

I have a Camelbak Eddy water bottle that I love that I bought a neoprene cozy for.  It’s wetsuit fabric.  Keeps my hands dry and not cold and keeps my drink cold longer. It is ugly but it works so I started looking for a neoprene cozy for my Ball jar.

I found Mason Monster.  So I placed an order.  I got Beach Ball.  It is blue on one side and pink on the other.  Kinda neat that they are reversible. So here is what I received:

Mason Monster order
He threw in a free lid. 🙂

They are both awesome!  Bummer that I can’t use the lid since my smoothie jar is a wide mouth but I did try it out on a jelly jar I have.  Right now he only has regular mouth ones on his website…not sure if he carries wide mouth ones.  Fits great!  A straw also fits in the opening.  I love that he is so passionate about the environment which I am too. Also very into adopting pets from shelters which I love too. 🙂

Eco EZ Sipper
Fits nice and snug.
Eco EZ Sipper
A straw can fit in the opening.

  When I got my Camelbak cozy it was a PITA to get on.  After struggling for a few days with it I wet it and left it on the bottle for a day or so.  Helped a lot.  Once you use it for a while it loosened a bit.  Now it just slides right on.

So after struggling for 10 minutes to get the jar cozy on I did the same thing but I slid it down so the top was on the widest part of the jar, wet it and let it sit.  I haven’t tried it again yet but I’m sure it will be like my bottle cozy and loosen a bit.

Eco Insulator
Love that it is reversible too!
Eco Insulator
He shows support of Pet Shelter Adoption right on his product packaging. Love it!

So just thought you guys would like to know about this product.  I know a lot of you use Mason jars as drinking glasses.  I will be ordering a second one just not sure what color I want.

Eco Insulator
No more cold and wet hands. Yay!!!!

Off topic:  While shopping yesterday I saw a baby praying mantis on the mirror of the car next to us. It was only about an inch big, maybe the size of a quarter.  I have never seen one so small before.  Isn’t he cute?

baby praying mantis
So teeny!

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have a good weekend