Mini Vacation Pics

morningMorning Peeps!  Got back from a mini vacation last night.  Thought you might like to see a few pics.

These are from Assateague, VA + Chincoteague, VA.

Some of the famous Chincoteague Ponies.


Sika Elk

Edited:  I was informed by hubs that I already posted this pic.  Sorry.  Enjoy it again  lol


Mound of small turtles

mound of turtles

Raccoon who wasn’t happy he was getting his pic taken  lol


Me trying to get a selfie with a pony (No not a wild one lol)

selfie with ponyHubby + son getting a pony selfie (not a wild one either lol)

family selfie with ponyThese are all from the Maryland side of Assateague (it’s an island but is divided between the 2 states)

Pretty path to beach

beach pathPonies

ponies1 ponies2 pony on beach

Got a ton of work to catch up on.

back to the grind

awesome dayTTYL


Wild Wednesday

wild wednesdayvacation

Hello from Virginia!  I’m officially on vacation. Yay me!!!

We are staying in Chincotague, VA.  We went to Assateague, VA which is a park and has wild ponies.  Didn’t see any ponies but did see some deer, a bald eagle, blue herons, egrets and a bunch of ducks.

deer2 deer1Hoping to see more tomorrow and possibly some ponies.  The weather is so nice.  I love chillin on the deck.  So relaxing.

kicking back on deckI will post again on Friday after I get home, hopefully with some pony pics.



Miscellaneous Monday

misc mondayHiMorning Peeps!

I had a busy weekend.  We had a ton of errands to do so I didn’t get very far on my new curtains.  Some of my errands involved shopping.  Guess what I bought myself?

fitbit charge 2A Fitbit Charge 2.  I’ve been wanting one.  So far I love it!

Hubby is taking me on a well needed vacation this week.  Any custom order requests won’t get answered + any orders won’t be processed until next weekend.  I will try to get a Wednesday Blog post up while I’m away, possibly with some vacation pics.

Gotta pack tonight.  Leaving in morning.



Miscellaneous Monday

misc mondayholla

Morning Peeps!

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  I’ve been busy working on orders and  tie dye and pink color scheme curtains.  They aren’t done yet.  When they are I will let you know.

I finally got to see Split.  I didn’t think it was as good as I had heard it was but it was ok.

splitWatched more episodes of Zoo on Netflix.  I really am liking it.  Any of you watch it?

zooWell I have to pack orders to take to post office.



great day

Monday Mayhem


Morning Peeps!

Sorry about the late blog post.  🙁

Last night I was busy finishing up a tie dye hippie curtain, dealing with a leak under my sink and I just forgot.  Forgive me?  🙂

Isn’t it pretty?

multi color tie dye hippie curtain

Started watching a show on Netflix, Zoo.  Not what I thought it would be but I like it so far.  Netflix has 2 seasons of it.  I’m only a few episodes in.  Anyone watch it?

zooGotta get my day started.  Errands and orders to do.

Have a great day!