Happy Halloween

get-up-bitches-aint-gonna-kill-themselvesWatched mostly Halloween movies yesterday.  Will be doing the same today except today AMC isn’t playing Halloween 3 Season of the Witch.  I like that one.  Glad I caught it yesterday.

halloween-movie-marathon-amc-fearfest halloween halloween-2 halloween-3-season-of-the-witch halloween-4-return-of-michael-myershalloween-5-revenge-michael-myersToday they are playing Rob Zombie’s 2 Halloween movies too.

halloween-rob-zombieHalloween 2 Zombie

chillin-b4-killin trick-or-treat-dilemma

Everyone have a great safe Halloween!

Later!  -Kim

Almost Halloween


Started a new project too, a rag rug.  Of course I forgot to take pics of my progress.

Watched a lot of TCM yesterday.  They played some good old movies.  I wasn’t very fond of their host.  You could tell she was reading her lines off of cue cards (or whatever they use now), she wasn’t knowledgable, + showed no emotion when she spoke.  You would think they could have hired a guest host to do the horror movie marathon.  Very disappointing.  Well at least the movies were good.

the-black-scorpion the-blob-1958 village-of-the-damned the-thing-from-another-world earth-vs-flying-saucers the-lost-boys give-puzzlebox-bitches-luv-puzzleboxes almost-time-to-get-ur-scare-on-Kim

Good Morning Creepies


Well Horror Hump Day was a bust.  There weren’t any good horror movies on yesterday.  I did watch War Gods of the Deep.  I love Vincent Price.  Then 2 sci fi movies, then AHS.

Chilly here yesterday.  We put our heat on.  Brrr.

I’m starting to feel better.  Not great but better.  Hoping this Cold from Hell doesn’t move into my chest.  Tons of projects I wanna get done so this cold better leave.

war-gods-of-the-deep logans-run soylent_green_poster1 ahs-my-roanoke-nightmareStarting today off with some Hitchcock, Psycho.

Later Peeps!  -Kim


Horror Hump Day


Felt a little better yesterday.  This Cold from Hell has entered the sneezing + runny nose phase.  Can’t wait to feel better.  I have a long list of new stuff I wanna try making.

We haven’t bought any Halloween candy yet.  The last few years we have only had a few kids so I’m wondering if we should even bother this year.  A lot of places around here have Trunk or Treat.  Do they do that where you live?  It’s safer for the kids and they still get candy so not too many trick or treaters go out.

Not a good selection of horror on yesterday.  Rosemary’s Baby was on.  Love that movie.

rosemarys-baby the mummy returns the-mummy-returns the-strangers hump-day-wednesday-spork hump-day-hugs calm-creepy-wednesday-Kim

Cold from Hell and King Marathon…Perfect Together

Yesterday mostly chilled, watched AMC Stephen King marathon, napped, drank green tea and took dayquil.  This cold is horrendous but I did manage to get a few orders done.  Yay me!

I may have missed a few movies while I was in a drug induced nap but these are the ones I remember.  lol


Sorry, couldn’t find a pic with the right time.  I started watching AMC in the morning.graveyard-shift cujo silver-bullet thinner 1408I didn’t watch It yesterday but I thought this was funny.



Monday Monday


Yesterday still sick.  Why is it that my son gets sick and has it for 3 days,  when I get it it stays with me for weeks?  Totally just chilled, took the day off and watched horror movies.  Watched Shadows of the Dead again.  It didn’t get any better the 2nd time around. lol

phantasm finders-keepers texas_chainsaw_massacre_the_beginning The Fog 2005I thought this was funny.  lolchucky-dirty-dancing

This morning woke up with the cold from Hell.  Gonna be another chill, not do much, Dayquil kind of day.  Thanks to everyone that ordered over the weekend.  I will get them done asap.-Kim